Unique and safe
plasma technology


Unique and safe
plasma technology


Unique and safe
plasma technology

Vacuum plasma capabilities

at atmospheric pressure

By generating a weakly ionized plasma at atmospheric pressure, the MYS series of plasma systems can treat ESD sensitive devices that historically can only be cleaned in vacuum chambers. This new technology enables plasma on-demand before critical processes such as wire-bonding and over molding, while offering all the benefits of traditional atmospheric plasma systems.

The MYS series of plasma systems are designed to increase your plasma throughput and unit traceability, from R&D to high volume manufacturing you have complete control over your plasma process.

Key benefits

  • Safe to the touch base argon plasma
  • Free of spark, streamers, particles, UV and heat
  • ESD safe for sensitive electronics (wafers, lead frames, semiconductor packaging)

Innovative platform, expanding possibilities

Leveraging Mycronic’s MYSmart series industry leading platforms and flexible software, an innovative atmospheric plasma system for the semiconductor industry has been created.

Safe and effective plasma

Plasma is initiated using low radio frequency (RF) power and low gas temperature (<.100°.C) making the plasma safe to the touch, safe for sensitive electronics components and effective at cleaning and activating surfaces.

Increased yield, single part traceability

Plasma uniformity achieved through real-time feedback and tuning of RF power, gas flow rates and head temperature produces consistent results throughout the system’s operation resulting in higher yield

Your best partner

With more than 40 years in the electronics industry and a unique market leading position you can count on us. We understand the fast changes in the market and have a strong local presence in over 50 countries to help our customers. We deliver technologies that are future proof and are devoted to our mission and our clients.

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